Peace Alights Initiatives

Community Support Network

Brand Identity & System

Logo Design & Brand System, Website, Social Media Icons, Stationery Package


The mission of the Peace Alights Initiatives (PAI) is to inspire and empower individuals and communities to identify ways and create opportunities for respite focusing on families affected by a life-altering illness. PAI shares knowledge and insight on how to seed local community-based programs.

We worked with the founding board members to establish the brand for this new organization. Wendy has been an associate board member since the start up, providing consultation on brand strategy and communications.

We first helped establish the key attributes of PAI, beginning with a clarification of the organization’s name and meaning for respite.

  • PEACE — To be still and find solitude in quieting your mind.
  • ALIGHTS — With stillness; opportunities find hope to take flight.
  • INITIATIVES — Finding support in yourself and others. Readiness to engage.

PJD developed the PAI logo, stationery items, icons for social media, and their website. On-going work will enlarge the content on the website to become a helpful resource for their customers, and the creation of promotional materials.

Overall flower shape is formed by the rotation of 5 hearts.
A comforting/caring mark. Hearts coming together to provide respite and peace.

Etching of forget-me-nots with some color fill. The etching combined with the traditional serif type font provides a feeling of hospitality. Has a peaceful/calming attitude.

Etching of a forget-me-not. A softer rendition, hearkening back to comforting days. Combined with contemporary typography.

Iconic forget-me-not flower shapes come together in a cluster, similar to how they appear in a field. Representing many individuals and communities coming together. Each individual providing their unique strengths for the overall good. A happy mark. PAI can help communities lift the burden of care, and bring some relief and help individuals remember the joy in family.