Northern Trust

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Broad range of brand programs and communication materials

Financial Reports, Investor Magazine — Print & Online, Newsletters, Brand Identity and Graphic Standards, Presentations, White Papers, Survey Reports

The Northern Trust brand has gone through several updates over the years, but their goal always remains the same: convey financial information in a clear and concise manner, while communicating the qualities and values of Northern Trust. Our long-term relationship began when Northern Trust introduced the Northern Funds. They needed a new brand system that stayed true to their existing brand, but was flexible enough to incorporate a broad range of new products. With this in mind, we developed a clean, sophisticated brand program that covered multiple tiers of investor communications while underscoring Northern Trusts expertise, insight and impact.

Our work with Northern Funds encompasses a wide range of print and electronic shareholder communications. We work with the Northern Trust Asset Management team on presentations, survey white papers, and advisor relations’ materials. We also work with the Wealth Management team in developing insightful content for client communications.