A Brand of the
Golden Family Company


Logo, Tagline, Brand Voice, Packaging

Dana Wendt’s vision is to enable a generation of girls to be strong, confident and comfortable in their skin. In turn, she founded Jouzge and launched a line of high-protein, low-sugar, low-carb, real-ingredient snacks specifically made for pre-teen and teenage girls. We worked with Dana and her marketing director, Nancy Goldstein of Compass (X) Strategy, to develop a brand look, feel, and voice that was sassy, fun and smart. We created the tagline “To the power of girl” and several trademarked phrases: Sassy Girl, Artsy Girl, Sporty Girl, Strong Girl, and Nature Girl. We also designed the brand logo and product packaging. The positioning effectively reinforces the key messages: girls have the power to do great things; they have a special drive and energy; and can be a good force in their own lives.