Medical Devices

Brand Identity & System

New Logo & Brand System, Brand Guidelines, Presentation Templates, Literature System, Social Media Templates, Stationery and Iconography.

With the business objective of redefining an existing company in the medical pump industry to drive customer loyalty, and a new name in hand, we focused our efforts on uncovering the brand’s essence. This clarity led to the first step of the rebrand: A new logo.

The logo is designed to reflect the new name and core attributes of the company. Intuvie which in Latin means “through life” is depicted through the delivery of a drop of medicine rising up with transformative life. Brand graphic elements were created to emulate the flow of medicine and ease of product use. 

Color palettes provide energy and life. Iconography helps navigate key product features. Type fonts express friendliness and approachability. 

The graphic elements effortlessly converge within a variety of customizable templates that embody a unified brand system. Arriving at this destination requires a unique and trusting partnership, with the agency understanding the client’s vision and the client recognizing that its branding is essential to business growth.