Equity Group Investments


Corporate collateral and marketing materials

Case Studies, PPT Presentations, Holiday Greetings

Every once in a while you come across a client who is highly creative. And their energy is infectious.

The Equity client relationship started in 1997 when Equity Office Properties Trust went public. PJD was asked to launch their brand with their first annual report and we never looked back. Well, not exactly… Eventually Equity Office was sold for the largest commercial real estate deal in U.S. history. However, our relationships live on through other Zell companies including Equity Group Investments.

EGI specializes in opportunistic, often complex and contrarian, investments throughout the debt and equity markets. We often do case studies and other communications to help define their service offerings.

We also do a fun project every year that is a nice diversion from corporate collateral: their annual holiday card. This includes a unique creative synergy between our client and PJD. Every year we sit down with their creative director and brainstorm around an idea he has for the annual holiday card. The theme remains consistent each year: PEACE.

How that idea of peace plays out is up to us. Below we share the various expressions of PEACE through a sampling of their annual printed card. Assembly required! (often cards included assembly diagrams for construction).