CF Industries

Manufacturing and Distribution


Brand Refresh & Messaging

Brand System Refresh, Message Positioning, Graphic Standards, Video, Sub-brand logo creative, Presentation Development, Infographics and Exhibit Graphics

CF Industries is one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen. Serving industrial and agricultural customers, they transform natural gas into nitrogen to create fertilizer that supports crop growth around the world.

Over time, their brand had become outdated. They hired one of our previous clients to revitalize their brand, and he brought us in to help. We are very proud of the relationships we have built with our clients and are grateful to have many who have brought us into new opportunities, companies and projects as their careers have evolved.

We helped CF Industries create a new and comprehensive brand system—modernizing their communication program and helping them deliver their story through multiple channels. As part of this new system, we created a suite of communication vehicles—including videos and email newsletters—to educate internal and external audiences. We also developed internal sub-brand and communication formats that fit within the CF branded systems.

The final results, a brand system that is clean, modern and differentiated, but also flexible and functional to efficiently and effectively serve all of their diverse marketing and communication needs.